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WWSC Board of Directors voted July 25th, 2023 @ WWSC monthly Board Meeting to move into STAGE 4 RESTRICTIONS: EMERGENCY DEMAND MANAGEMENT. EFFECTIVE AUGUST 3, 2023


Customers Water Use Restrictions for Emergency Demand Reduction


(2) Wimberley WSC may adopt and enforce any or all additional measures to reduce water demand as needed to protect water supplies and human health safety.

Four of six WWSC well levels within the Middle Trinity Aquifer are at historic lows and continuing to drop at an alarming rate (particularly in the past 24 days). This is obviously due to the lack of rainfall, but in addition to rainfall: High Temperatures, population increase, tourism and development are all playing a significant part in the decline of the Aquifer hence the reason for restrictions. WWSC fully understands that these restrictions may come as an inconvenience and result in future expenses. However, WWSC has an obligation to protect and conserve the groundwater supply of its members/customers by following the Corporations Drought Contingency & Emergency Water Demand Management Plan. Please understand that these restrictions also have direct impact on the Corporation as well.

WWSC will be submitting an article to the Wimberley View with more detailed information concerning stage four restrictions and further reasons for implementation. In addition to the Newspaper, WV Radio will broadcast notice often and WWSC will place multiple signs throughout its service area. Restriction signs already reside below the burn ban signs entering Wimberley on RR12 North and South, FM 2325 and FM 3237 as well. Restriction notice will also be placed on customer bills, WWSC website and Facebook.

Thank you for your conservation efforts in helping to conserve our valuable resource.

For questions or concerns please contact our office @ 512-847-2323.

Lead Service Line Survey

Wimberley WSC is conducting a lead service line survey mandated by the EPA and we need your help!

The survey is for each service location within WWSC service area.

The survey requires verification of the service line material from the water meter to the home or business.

Please contact our office @ 512-847-2323 for more information and let us know the best way to distribute the survey to you for completion.

Thank you,



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